Ronald Shelley Bio

Ronald Shelley

Ronald Shelley has perfected his abilities as a professional illustrator and fine artist. His seemingly effortless style belies his mastery of the exacting watercolor technique. He has a keen understanding of perspective, design detail and the play of light on objects.

Ronald’s skills as an artist include graceful depictions of cabbage palms in the Everglades, dramatic tropical skies and the subtleties of Florida’s changing seasons. Whimsy is another hallmark of his style, with fetishistic footwear, fantastic women and factories powered by helmet-headed engines. A new direction includes sculptures in a series he calls “Heads.”

The artist was born and raised in Rugby, England. His early childhood was influenced by his family’s penchant for artistic pursuits and by the magnitude of World War II. He emigrated from England in 1956, arriving in the United States to work as a rodeo cowboy in Texas. In the late 1960s, he moved to Florida, working as an actor, landscape designer and illustrator. The artist resides in Miami.